Riyria Fantasy Novel: Disappearance of Winter's Daughter

Created by Michael J. Sullivan

The latest Royce and Hadrian novel: The Disappearance of Winter's Daughter will be in stores on October 5th, 2018. But early supporters can get copies of the book as early as December 15th, 2017 by buying direct from the author.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Happy Release Day!
about 6 years ago – Tue, Dec 05, 2017 at 05:02:54 PM

I just pushed the final book out. It's essentially identical to the last one with the following exceptions:

  • Kickstarter Backer names have been added.
  • 1 formatting error corrected
  • 7 typos corrected

Thanks to all who found and reported the typos. It's great having a pre-release team that can find and squash those little bugs.

For those who pledged for the audio book, Audible tells me the codes will be ready around 10:00 - 10:30 am (EDT) and as soon as I have the codes I'll push them out to the appropriate backers.  

Also, this weekend my contractor finished my office and yesterday we ran high-speed Internet to it. So I started shipping t-shirts. The only ones I'm currently shipping is those WITHOUT books. As soon as the books arrive I'll be mailing the boxes that have books and shirts while the fulfillment house takes care of the only books order.

A free bonus short story
about 6 years ago – Sat, Dec 02, 2017 at 08:22:53 PM

As a way of saying thanks for getting the project to $100,000, and also as a way for me to test out how codes work, I've added a free short story for everyone. It's called Autumn Mist and it's not about Royce and Hadrian. What is it? I'm glad you asked ;-). It's a homage to a favorite song of mine when I was young. For people around my age, you may "catch on" right away. For younger folks the story might make no sense to you at all...but there is a note at the end that will give you a clue of where to find the song and after listening to it you'll understand the story a bit more.

So how do you get it?  

  • Go this "Instafreebie" link.
  • Use the code: Kickstarter_Backer
  • Enter your email address and Instafreebie will email the short story to you. 
My test was successful so I do think I'll be able to distribute the audible codes to those people who are receiving the audio book. So look for your codes (and keep your eye out for an update on December 5th when the audible book goes live.

For those getting the audio book.
about 6 years ago – Sat, Dec 02, 2017 at 03:15:14 PM

Hey all, we are just a few days away from the audio book release and since that is distributed through I thought I would give you some information on how this whole things work.

  • Each person will receive an individualized code. Which can be found in the digital download are of your BackerKit Self-Service portal. If you don't know how to access that you should as that's where the screen savers, ebook, and all other digital content is delivered.  You can use this link (as well as your email address) to gain access. If you are having problems with that, private message me and I'll send you a link that is personalized just for you.
  • You are going to go to the site, put The Disappearance of Winter's Daughter in your cart, add add your access code. This will "zero" out the purchase so you pay nothing.
  • Once your finish the order, you can download the book and start listening.
The full detailed set of instructions are here:

  • Go to Backerkit's Digital Download page and find your access code.(Can't provide. you al link to this as it is unique to each backer).
  • Go to the Disappearance of Winter's Daughter Page
  • Click on "Add to Cart." 
  • On the Cart Page, uncheck the "1 credit" checkbox in the Apply Credits column 
  • Click Update button on Cart. When you do, the page should show a balance due: $24.95 (non-members) and $17.46 (for members).
  • Click on: Do you have a promotional code? Then, in the field that appears, copy/paste your individualized code 
  • Click Apply Code button, when you do the subtotal should change to $0.00 - if it doesn't, click update again.
  • Click the Next Step Button
  • On the Place Order Page, review your order and make sure that amount you pay is $0.00
  • Click on Complete Purchase

Now, I should say this is the first time Audible has ever done anything like this, so we are breaking new ground. My intention was to get all the codes from them, then "push those codes" to the members who are receiving audiobooks just as soon as the book changes from pre-order to live.  NOTE: I'm not 100% sure when that occurs. It could be at midnight of the "on sale" date, or it might be 2:00 AM or 3:00 AM depending on where the Audible servers exist. My plan (since I'm up all hours of the night anyway) was to watch when it turned, then do my magic, and go back to sleep.

Okay, so snag #1.  Audible generated the codes, but they can't test them while the book is in the "pre-order stage" and they want to test the codes before giving them to me. Here's what my contact at Audible said:

"OK, mini crisis: the promo campaign has been created and the codes have been generated, but there is a glitch. I’m told we can’t adequately test the user experience because the book is on pre-order; apparently, audiobooks on pre-order cannot have a promotion applied to the pre-order transaction. This means that, if you try to use the code now (to test or to actually use it), the price comes up at $24.95, and if you continue to Step 2 (after authenticating), the system prompts the user for their credit card (which is a nightmare scenario for any of these Kickstarter contributors to experience). It should be fine once the title is off of preorder, but there’s no way to be sure until the title is officially on-sale. Because of this, our Biz Dev team (who owns this process ) is not comfortable providing the codes/links to you prior to the release. They are proposing that they do a very early-morning test on 12/05, test a code & confirm the experience works (promo is applied, $0.00 order), and then we can pass over the codes/links to you so you can send to your kickstarter contributors. Is this, like, the worst news in the world? Can you make getting the codes early on 12/5 work, or do you need me to throw some elbows to try and get them to break their protocol and release the codes earlier? I honestly don’t know if it’s possible – the Customer Experience is sacred around here – but you are MY customer so I’m certainly willing to go to bat to advocate for what you need; just let me know if it’s important and I will give it my all."

My response was, "Definitely not the worst thing in the world. The important thing is to communicate to the backers, which I will. If you could ask your Biz Dev team to let me know "how early" is "early" then I'll be waiting by the email at that time so there is as little delay as possible."

Given it's the weekend I don't yet have an answer for the "how early is early" question but I should know more on Monday. 

Issue #2 relates to the BackerKit feature to send individual codes, something I've never done before. I have only used the "send a file" feature of BackerKit in the past.  In order to test this, I'm going to try sending everyone a code so they can get a free short story...not only can I test the feature but I can say thanks for getting us over the $100,000 mark so think of this as an extra little unofficial stretch goal.

A few other issues I should mention.

  • If you aren't an audible member, you don't need to be. You should still be able to use the code and access the book for as long as you like.
  • I suspect the codes will expire after a certain period of time. So USE YOUR CODE IMMEDIATELY.  Generally, I think codes expire after 30 days but I don't know for sure. Once we get the codes "out there" I'll follow up with Audible to determine how long they last.
  • I'm not sure if the codes will work on other Audible sites (like or not. If you can't use your code, I'll refund your pledge money and you can purchase it at your localized site on your own. You'll still be part of the Kickstarter and still receive all the other rewards even though your money is refunded.
  • If I can't get the "send individual codes" thing to work in BackerKit, I'll have to send out 650 or so individualized emails where I copy/paste each code for each person. This could take a while, so be patient with us while we are doing it. I'll divided the list between myself, Michael, and Sarah, to get them done ASAP, but it will still take some time. Hopefully we won't have to do that, but it's a fallback sure-fire approach if all else fails.

And that's it!

Oh, that's not all...I've been updating the changes people have passed me regarding how they want their name specified in the book. This is the current listing. If you DO NOT see your change implemented, get with me as soon as possible. We'll be locking down the names tomorrow!!

Don't forget about your digital downloads!!
about 6 years ago – Wed, Nov 29, 2017 at 05:22:08 PM

Hey all, Robin once again. Just wanted to remind people to get their digital rewards which have been delivered through Backer Kit.  Here is what's been posted so far:

  • The Jester Short Story
  • The Jester Digital Comic
  • Screensavers & Wallpapers (distributed in two batches)
  • Hollow World ebook (for those that added this add-on)
  • Death of Dulgath ebook (from those that added this as an add-on or those who bought a physical copy of the book)
  • The Disappearance of Winter's Daughter preview -- there's been two of these, one had a formatting error and the other one has a few typos (5 to be exact).  The next version I'll be posting is the FINAL version and it will go out on December 5th. This final version will also have all the backers' names in it as well.

If you don't know how to access your Digital Downloads, you can use your email at this page to get a link to your particular self-service portal.

A few reminders.  

  • If you haven't checked your name here please do by December 3rd as I have to make the final version and I want everyone's name in the book properly. If you don't contact me before name will be forever wrong as I won't be going back and making new versions of the book to correct for name mistakes.
  • If you have posters or if you have t-shirts WITHOUT books your address will be locked down and packages mailed. I will start shipping tomorrow so please make sure you update your record before then.  For everyone else, I'll lock down your addresses once I have confirmation of the books leaving the printer.  

That's it for now. We're getting close!

Address Lockdown and reviewing your names
about 6 years ago – Tue, Nov 28, 2017 at 09:33:49 PM

Hey all,

It's been a while since I've posted, but things are moving right along.  If you are (a) receiving a poster or (b) receiving shirts but no physical books, you may have noticed an email from me about a 48-hour address warning. That's because I'm going to start shipping those packages on November 30th (so they are out of the way when the books arrive). To do the shipping, I have to lock your addresses and that's what the email is warning you about. For everyone else...your addresses will be locked down a few days before the books arrive. 

If your address isn't correct, you can update it through the BackerKit Self-service portal (the same login you use to receive  your digital downloads - which was the same place you answered your survey, added additional items and specified your mailing address in the first place. If you don't know your login, you can get an invitation resent using this link. Also, there are still 13 people who haven't provided your addresses, so those shipments will, obviously, be delayed. 

Also, I want to distribute the final version of the ebook (with correct names and a few typos corrected) on December 5th (it's official ship date) but I also want everyone to check how their name appears in the book. Here is the current listing. Please go look for your name and if it is either (a) not included or (b) wrong in one way or another please let me know so it'll appear properly in the released version. I'll be locking down any changes to the names on December 3rd, so I have a few days to make the corrections and proof the final book.

In other news, we have indeed passed the $100,000 raised level, and currently have 2,493 people who have pre-ordered. As always, thanks for the amazing support!